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The K9 Vision System Series

The idea for the K9 Vision System arose from the need to solve a very real problem for us as military operatives. No matter how many breakthroughs we made in training K9s in laser-guided explosive detection or directionals for control at distance, we were limited by our visual field. Consequently, we set off on a different mission: to create a system that would allow us to see what our dogs could see, and give them commands when completely out of sight.
Our goal was to develop a high quality, no-latency video and radio transmission system that would maximize our operational capabilities, but would also be comfortable and unrestrictive for the dogs. In cooperation with various innovators of drone technologies, the K9 Vision System came to life. Building on the system's success, we hope to continue helping military and law enforcement professionals push the boundaries of K9 operations.

Range ONE

Products K9 vision System - brigade canine

Range PRO

Products K9 vision System - camera for working dogs

Range OPS

Products K9 vision System - camera for working dogs

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k9vs for dogs, cops and K9

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