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The K9 Vision System Team presentation

K9 Vision System

T & S Concepts and T&S Concepts have teamed up to market K9 VISION SYSTEM embedded cameras.

Matthieu Morin as well as Thomas and Stéphane (T & S Concepts) are animated by the same passion of the operational dog, in relation for many years this association around the K9 VISION SYSTEM was as obvious in order to use the best of the skills of each and impose the K9VS internationally.

Thanks to its experience and its international network, the MORIN and T&S Concepts teams manages the logistic, commercial and after-sales part. T & S Concepts, through the operational K9 liabilities in elite units of Thomas and Stéphane, in charge of the design and development of the products in order to stick to the operational needs of the units but also manages the training and demonstrations.

Our respective skills make our group a solid base for projecting the product internationally with a high level of operational expertise

T&S Concepts

Origin of the system

The idea of the K9 vision system arose out of an operational need for us, as military special units. Following new training methods developed on the training of our operational dogs: laser guidance and remote control (Dirigement), we were limited by our visual field. As a result, we have embarked on a technological mission: to create a system to see what our dogs are discovering in real time and to give them orders when they are completely out of sight. Our goal was to develop a high-quality, latency-free video and radio transmission system that would maximize our operational capabilities, but would also be comfortable and unrestricted for dogs. In cooperation with various innovators of drone technologies, the "K9 vision system" was born. Building on the success of the system, we hope to continue to help military and law enforcement professionals push the boundaries of K9 operations.
Stéphane (


For more than 40 years, Morin has been internationally renowned for equipping dog units. True passion of the K9 world, the Morin team puts know-how and its expertise for the benefit of the units anxious to be equipped with professional equipment.

Manufacturer, distributor of a large part of its ranges, Morin products are present on all the theaters of operations and accompany daily the K9 units.

Our official tester

The K9 Vision System team has several operational dogs.
Among them Fusil, Belgian Shepherd Malinois, is our official tester.  
Fusil follows the K9 Vision System adventure from the beginning and allowed us to develop the system.  
More than a tester is our mascot.  

Initially Fusil is an operational dog of the GIGN, now at the retreat he travels the world to make demonstrations and presentations of the system in different countries.

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